What’s Prison For? Concise diagnosis of a huge American problem

Bill Keller, as quickly as editor of the New York Cases, now with the Marshall Endeavor, reveals how the US received right here to imprison so a number of its residents, disproportionately Black and brown, and the best way such a gross injustice may however be addressed

The statistics are acquainted nevertheless keep startling: America’s incarceration cost per 100,000 is “roughly twice that of Russia’s and Iran’s, 4 events that of Mexico’s, 5 events of England’s, six events Canada’s” and 9 events that of Germany. In addition to, “parole and probation regulate the lives of 4.5 million Individuals” – larger than twice as many as are confined in jail.

These numbers come initially of Bill Keller’s good, temporary new e e-book, by which he tries to make clear how America grew to change into so hooked on mass incarceration, and the best way we’d lastly reform a system which properties a disproportionally Black and brown inhabitants.

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